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Book Fest in the Village

Space Coast Writers Guild is hosting the Book Fest in the Village this Saturday March 26, 2022 from 10am to 3pm. I'll be among the many talented authors offering books of all kinds at Myrt Tharp Square. Look for my very winter coat in honor of my newest book, 'Are You Sure I Said I Thought This Was A Good Idea?'. This is a collection of mostly cold, sometimes frightening, almost always hilarious mid-life crises adventures of a couple of Florida flatlanders in the beautiful Great Smoky Mountains of Blowing Rock North Carolina. I'll also be selling my other books 'The Absolute Best Way To Survive The Holidays Totally Stress Free....Almost', and the childrens book 'The Blinks" Please take time to get outside and enjoy our beautiful weather and while doing so stop by and say howdy.

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