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Hello, Interwebs!

Well, for someone who had to be dragged into the 21st Century by my very talented child, I’m surprised that I’m not surprised that my enjoyment of all the interwebs additions to my life grows each day. Ya gotta remember teen angst in those days was wrapped around what was called a "desk phone" with a rotary dial. For you younger folks, that’s a device attached to the flat face of the phone that you had to put your fingertip in the little round hole next to the letter you wanted to dial and turn the circle all the way around. Our phone number began with NE(for Newton) 6, voicemail, text and facetime was barely a genius’ dream, and we survived! My days of running barefoot all over Angel City to my days of bouncing a great-great-grandchild on my knee are seemingly separated by three blinks of the eye. Those three blinks have blessed me with a very large, very diverse group of humans that hold the strings to my heart…and give me mounds of fodder to share my slightly (OK much more than slightly) askew outlook on family and life in general that I love to share at a moments notice.

I hope you enjoy the sure and reading my little notes as much as I enjoy working them. Feel free to drop me a message and let me know what you think.

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