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The month before the big day!

Continuing Christmas preparations ...excerpts from my book 'The Absolute Best Way to

November... It's almost over!

If you prefer frozen turkey for Thanksgiving this is a good time to purchase it, keeping in mind sometimes it’s better to have two smaller turkeys than one very large one especially if you would like to have different dressings or seasonings or perhaps would like to fry one of them. Most stores allow you to pre-order fresh turkeys about this time also. Purchase non-perishables - wine, soda, any canned goods not already in your pantry caches’

Hopefully by the middle of this month you will have all of your small Christmas gifts ready to give, most of your larger gifts wrapped and in the containers, Christmas tree-holiday wrap-fruit cake ordered and holiday cards ready to drop in the mail box.

Some of us go all out with the meal preparation for Thanksgiving and would prefer to relax a little and enjoy the other pleasures of Christmas. This is a good time to order AND pay for your Christmas dinner if you are taking advantage of a restaurant or grocery store doing the cooking for you. Especially welcome if you are spending the big day away from your own kitchen.

Hitting the sales for decorations and retrieving the boxes of lights and tree stand from the attic before you pick up the tree will give you time to unravel cords and replace burned out bulbs. I put them in the bedroom and detangle a little at a time before I turn in at night. If you’re really brave you can involve the kids in the detangling, it will give them a sense of being involved and keep them busy while you make dinner for a night or two.

Prepare or buy cookie dough, mix in red and green food coloring if you like and freeze. Stock up on cookie cutters and decorations.

Buy the new party outfit…The one you loved…not the one you can afford…

Turn to Thanksgiving preparations. Remember to mail Christmas cards, decorate lavishly, clean the guest room…just in case…

Enjoy the day and those you love…

Begin searching Sears, Walmart and Big Lots for something for your husbands Great Aunt Prudence. Maybe something for that strange one-eyed cat she takes everywhere she goes.

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