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Wondering who I ticked off...?

Busy as it is, my everyday life is probably like most everyone elses, Family (including a large Murphy presence), friends, work...repeat. Also like everyone else I have days when it seems like everything that can go wrong does, but the past six days was the first time a whole week attacked me. My house air conditioner has been "fixed" three times and still not working. A kind neighbor loaned a window unit which worked great for a week then began turning itself off in the middle of the night. Monday brought me to a daughters home to spend a couple of days while she recovered from surgery, and my check engine light came on - again - while traversing I-95 midway on an almost three hour drive. While sitting at a Dunkin Donuts Tuesday there was a very loud bang and my car window fell to the bottom of the door. Watching my daughter sleep off the anesthesia it came to me I hadn't heard my Ring doorbell go off all day. I checked the site on my phone and there was a message stating it was not working. As I was calling family members to inform them of my daughters progress my phone started dropping calls. My car blue tooth began arguing with me, I very politely asked her to call Kim and she would reply "Calling Darlene mobile is that correct?" The topper came when the company finally got my house air conditioner working and the thermostat worked for a couple of minutes and turned itself off.

One benefit of having lived long enough to be of my vintage is learning sometimes you have to just laugh. I try not to do it to hysterically because my kids try to give me pills but it works. The car was drivable without the window...DD coffee is the best!...Ring worked after charging...I had batteries for the thermostat...The Bluetooth lady WILL NOT win-I will continue to argue with her until I finally give up, pull over and use my phone to make the call...That shows her! Moral of this story is as long as you have health, family and good sense of humor, lifes little bumps can be nothing more than fodder for great stories...especially useful in 'one up-ing' the Drama Queens in your life.

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